Inspiring travel moments from 2015

As 2015 slowly fades away and we embark on a new journey, I want to capture some inspiring moments from my travels in the past year.I started off with an awe-inspiring adventure in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. Blue sky, white sands and Tulum, the most gorgeous archaeological site in the Riviera Maya, and the only one to have been built overlooking the ocean. The Pyramids of Chichen itza juxtaposed with Colonial Spanish architecture was a treat to experience. And alongside this incredible architecture was nature at its best!

Spring took me to the warmth of the Sonoran Desert – the sheer sculptural beauty of the mountains and the foliage left me spell bound! The American southwest has a unique charm that’s beyond compare.

Next up was a sweltering summer trip across the seven seas to my native India. This visit took me down memory lane to my old stomping grounds at Sir J.J. School of Art in Mumbai. The British Colonial architecture in Mumbai was strongly influenced by the Victorian-Gothic style. However, the British architects – chiefly F.W. Stevens and George Wittet – made generous use of Indian architectural patterns and motifs and what emerged was the Indo-Saracenic revival architectural style.

Discovering Europe on the roads less travelled was amazing! More grand architecture – the Heidelberg Castle houses one of modern medicine’s first apothecary preserved in pristine condition; Thingstatte’s ancient Amphitheatre was built by the Romans and used by Nazi Germany. The acoustics are pitch perfect! Strasbourg is the ultimate European city. It has flavors of both France and Germany, and sits right on the border of the two countries.

I wish I could share all my stories of my travels from last year but I want you to come back, not run away! Travel helps me learn about the world and the people in it, but equally as important I learn about myself and what I am capable of!!! Inspired and happy, I am ready for my next adventure!

Xoxo Vani

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