Intaglio Printing

Process: My process is similar to what artists in the 1500’s used in Europe. The lines of the image are incised into a copper plate, using sharp tools and acid. Ink is then applied and rubbed into the incised areas. The plate is then ready for transferring the image onto paper. This is done by running the inked plate+moist French TK paper through a press under heavy pressure. Sometimes I add extra layers of interest to my prints. To create depth and add color, I use the technique of Chin Cole (translates to Chinese Glue) a collage type technique – using rice paper cut in shapes and sometimes colored with acrylic paint, I layer it all on the copper plate and run the ensemble on a dampened French TK through the press all at the same time. Finally to create a more tactile layer I embroider patterns onto the print, completing the process of a mixed media ‘Intaglio’ print.