Rug Collection

Global Chic Collection by Vani Sayeed for Landry and Arcari

A textural expression from concept to loom, the Global Chic Collection is a weaving of art, culture and beauty. We offer a variety of styles and finishes: The Asha Style is one-of-a kind rug inspired by Vani’s paintings, the rugs are an exquisite explosion of color and luxurious texture in silk and wool. Beautiful, soft and durable the Iman Style is geometrically inspired and comes in a range of texture and tones that can be easily customized from subtle to striking.
The Zaina Style is inspired from observations of patterns and the delicate movement created in nature. These stunning rugs are hand knotted in 100% wool, and can be customised in any size. 

Asha Summer Day Walk
Iman Blue Orb
Iman Silver Orb
Iman Pearl Orb
Iman Four Square
New Contemporary
Iman Geometry Blue
Iman Geometry Plum
Iman Geometry Rose
Zaina Marble
Zaina Cascade

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